We HELP you make smart choices.

The Green Team at Energy Smart Structures can upgrade your existing home or office.

passive solar home design plans Before you build, whether it's your new home or building, talk to us about how to make your structure more energy efficient.  If construction has begun and you start thinking green, call us, and there still will be many improvements we can make to your site and structure.

Our Green Team at Energy Smart Structures will work with you to help qualify your building for an Energy Star rating.  The immediate result will be a 5% discount on your Progress Energy utility bill.  We will also show you how you can get a tax credit on your Federal Tax return .

We have a check list of items that can be implemented to your building. We will recommend changes and additions, with a basic inspection of your home or office, thus saving energy and money on utility bills once installed.

Remember, we do all types of home improvements, so call today to discuss how we can help you.

Alan Held, wlimington nc green builderAlan Held
Phone # 910-538-8884
email : captalanheld@gmail.com
Licensed North Carolina Building Contractor
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics,
Univ. of Utah